Sharron B.

My path at MH began summer 2012; I had been training with a RKC Certified kettle bell instructor for over a year when I found myself needing to locate to another gym since my current instructor was moving. Micah Hankins was highly recommended, but as always, I was apprehensive to start a new training program. I enjoyed the strength regime I was doing and frankly, didn’t want to do the new “meet and greet” with new trainers and other gym members. I also have my own uniqueness; I have had several surgeries over the years on both of my Achilles tendons and feet. Explaining limitations to a new trainer always feels like excuse making; therefore, another hesitation for me in finding a new gym. Let’s just say, almost 12 months later I couldn’t be happier. I sincerely look forward to attending a class at MH Fitness & Martial Arts because I know it will be led and taught by trainers who are extremely knowledgeable and truly love what they do. I appreciate that every workout is different; each training session focuses on different muscle groups so we can achieve maximum results. Not only do I still train with kettle bells, I am also able to try and use different training aids such as leverage clubs, sandbags and bar bells. I have found that with this variation, I have increased my overall strength and mobility. With all of that said, results take work and work takes personal motivation! However, I have found that the motivation, passion, and encouragement provided by Micah and Paula Hankins keeps me showing up time and time again J We all deserve good things for our lives and MH is a community that facilitates good things!