Lee S.

I have worked out with Micah and Paula at MH Fitness for over a year now. I was a member of a big box gym before learning about MH and I worked out faithfully 4-5 days per week basically maintaining the status quo fitness-wise. After the first month I noticed a major difference in muscle tone, definition, and strength. Not only am I still seeing great results, it is a really fun place to work out. Micah and Paula are great teachers who care about the quality of your workout and about your well-being. He stresses proper form and technique over speed and number of reps you can do. I also love the expectation of accountability that Micah and Paula have instilled in their membership. The people you work out with have a great attitude and encourage you to push yourself to achieve more than you would on your own. Micah and Paula inspire their clients to take their fitness to the next level. If you have a desire to better yourself physically or mentally you need to try MH! You won't regret it!