Client of the Month

Lynnette Baker

It all started with a decision. A decision to get healthy, a decision to eat right, a decision to get my life back. 

Let me give you a little history about myself. I have struggled with obesity my entire life. I can honestly say that the only time I believe I was ever healthy and in shape was in high school when I was very active with sports. Since then I have not given my time or energy to my health and my fitness. I went through life as we all do, getting married, getting fat and happy so they say, continuing to work, not exercising and staying active and worst of all not paying attention to any of the foods that I ate. It was in 2005 that I found out I had endometriosis and PCOS. I found this out because I had a cyst rupture and with this had to have an emergency surgery which included an emergency appendectomy surgery as well. When I awoke from the surgery I was told I had this condition and I would never have children. Yes, this broke my heart, however I did not let that get me down. It was always in my plan to have children.  The days go by and I continue down the same path of life, continuing to eat the way I always did and no exercise. A year later my husband and I decide we really want a child and we explore options. We go through the process of IVF. It was a struggle and we are fortunate enough to say we were able to have a baby. However my gut health and my overall health did not help me after the delivery of my son. I had high blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy and I continue to have high blood pressure for the next 8 years. The doctor prescribed medicine for me and I would take it every now and again. I was not consistent. In addition, in 2013 the pain I was experiencing from my endometriosis and my PCOS were so severe I had to have another procedure. This time I found a specialist. It's funny, his number one answer to helping my condition was gut health. However, still not taking the advice or information the doctors were giving me I continue down the same path with bad food choices and no exercise.

It was not until September of 2015 when a friend of mine commented on my choices that I made one morning sitting at the breakfast table together that I started to listen. She said “ I know why you are always in pain and feel like crap all time… are putting nothing but chemicals in your body and your body does not know how to process them’. Not sure why this stuck with me but it did. I started looking at my choices in life. I remember feeling sluggish, yes, I am a person that seems to always have energy but I did not feel good. I had a hard time focusing, almost like I was in a fog. My body was tired. I could never get enough sleep. My day consisted of waking up, not eating, having a coffee, going to work, sitting all day at a desk, looking forward to go out to eat because I did not have the energy to cook and then sitting back down in my chair for the night. Here is the crazy part, I gave myself and my family an excuse to eat out most of the time because I felt I earned it. I worked all day, I brought home a pay check and I deserved it. I also enjoyed wine. I gave myself an excuse that I deserved a glass of wine every night after work. This was my down time. Well that glass of wine became a bottle of wine or two before I knew it. These habits only made it harder for my body to work and in turn made me feel worse! These habits I had increased my blood pressure as well. The eye opener was when I went to the doctor for a check-up in December of 2015 and my blood pressure was 170/135. Seriously? I said I always ran on high octane but seriously? What was I doing to myself? I have family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and several other diseases and I was just sitting back, stuffing my face with whatever I wanted and letting life pass me by. Not to mention I was setting this example for my 7 year old son at the time. WOW! This life I have been taking advantage of had to change. This life, my life, was worth it. I was the only one that could help myself. I could not rely on anyone else to do it for me. I was worth it and my son was worth it.

On January 4, 2016 I changed my life forever! I made the decision to put my health and my wellness first. I decided that my nutrition was key to my success so I started with the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living program. It is a clean eating, gluten free and dairy free program. I had several friends that were gluten free and dairy free so I was lucky enough to have support while making this change in my life. I will be honest, it required me to learn a whole new way to shop for groceries. I remember spending 4-5 hours at the grocery store reading labels and taking pictures of certain food items and sending them to my mentor with questions. The best thing I learned to do was meal prep and make a menu each week. I will not get into the food items and exactly what I ate but having a list when I went grocery shopping and knowing the meals I was going to prepare that week made it easier. I also eliminated alcohol during the first 30 days through the 90 day mark. I followed this program for the entire 30 days with much success. I felt at that time I could do this again for 30 days with the same success and that is how I looked at it, 30 days at a time. This lifestyle change was not so difficult when looking at it for just a month at a time. On day 45 of this change I had made an appointment to see my doctor. It was for my annual checkup. The first thing they do during the appointment is take your blood pressure. Remember, I was not taking my blood pressure medicine as prescribed. I remember the nurse telling me wow Lynnette, your blood pressure is fantastic. It is 120/80 and normal. I see that you have had high blood pressure every time you have come in, what are you doing? I was so excited to hear this news and proud of myself that it encouraged me to keep going and it was so amazing to be able to share with my doctor what I had been doing.

I then contacted Micah at the end of February 2016. Micah was the key ingredient that I was missing in my new lifestyle. After the first 45 days of cleaning up my eating, I met with Micah and went over my goals and what I wanted to accomplish. He created a plan for me and he taught me so much at each session. The best part is that Micah trained my entire family. It really worked for us. It allowed us to not fall victim to the TV, or the other lazy activities we would do when we all got home from school and work. We all started by only working out 2 days a week. This allowed me to really focus on nutrition and muscle recovery. What was really cool is that Micah worked with me each training session teaching me about how our bodies work and how food is the key ingredient and our fuel to feeding our muscles and keeping us healthy. Within about 2 months we increased training to 3 days a week. I started seeing different results. I was becoming stronger both mentally and physically. I was able to do a sit up without throwing my arms to get up, I remember when a 10lb. dumbbell was so heavy to squat, how the thought of a push up was over the top the hardest exercise. During one training session I remember Micah having renegade rows in our routine and I remember how hard they were. It was such a struggle for me to hold my body in a plank position and lift a weight at the same time. He kept telling me that these will get easier and my body will get stronger, honestly at that time I did not believe in myself and that I could get better at this exercise but I trusted him and his workout for me and I trusted the process.

Come July, I was feeling like a brand new woman. I maintained the lifestyle change that I decided I was going to do in January. It became easier to shop for groceries and cook for my family while maintaining a clean eating, gluten free and dairy free nutrition program. It felt as if my vision goggles were becoming clearer as to the path I wanted to take in life. I knew I was not going back to where I came from and I was moving forward. I finally stopped looking in my rear view mirror and was looking ahead and setting new and bigger goals for myself. I stopped comparing myself to others as well. I realized this was my journey and it was me vs. me. The new goal at this time was 40 by 40, since it was my 40th birthday in November. I challenged myself to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday. I will be honest at this time I was not sure I could do it, I had only lost about 20-25lbs up to this point, however with Micah’s training my body was changing every day. It was truly about the small wins I had every week that were keeping me on track and motivated. It took strength to say no to the sweet treats at the office or an event, I had a choice to either eat something that would be fuel for my body or something that would make me feel awful. I consistently, not every once in a while, consistently chose a healthy option. I became stronger each and every time I made the correct decision for my body. Micah also reminded me during training it was not always about the number on the scale. I had a hard time with this as I know most people do. I wanted to see the pounds melt away. I wanted results right now. However, I did not get to where I was overnight. I stayed the course. I followed Micah’s lead and I showed up to train, I chose to fuel my body with the proper nutrition and I also chose to rest. I followed these steps and on my 40th birthday I am proud to say that I lost 42lbs. I exceeded my goal of weight loss, however it was bigger than that now. I realized I am now achieving inner strength, mind strength and physical strength. I also wanted to add that my condition I have, endometriosis and PCOS have calmed down. I went from being in pain 3 out of 4 weeks to maybe 3 or 4 days. I continue to maintain good blood pressure and I have also noticed that my immune system is so much stronger than it has ever been.

It has now been 1 year and 3 months since I have changed my lifestyle. I never called it a diet, I don’t like that word and have never succeeded when I went on diet. I call it proper nutrition, exercise and making the decision to live it out daily. I get excited about going to Micah’s gym, MH Fitness. It’s the place where we show up, we push ourselves to limits we didn’t think were possible and enjoy the small victories daily. I had small wins over a year and I cannot even remember them all and they were hard to see from the outside looking in, and I have Micah to thank for showing me what is possible. I am so grateful for the training he has provided me and the #onelife he saw inside me all along. In January, I participated in Micah’s first boot camp at MH Fitness. I was at the point where I wanted to take my training to the next level. It is a 6 week program for 3 days a week. I also added his martial arts class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. What has been the most amazing feeling for me at this point is my story is helping others see it is possible and they can do this too and I am someone they want to learn from. My big wins are being able to do those renegade rows with proper form, going from being able to do only push up’s from my knees a year ago to doing 50 push up’s from my toes in 2 minutes at the end of the first boot camp and feeling so confident in the skin I am in! I made it my goal in 2017 to workout 5 days a week and to follow Micah’s motto, train with passion. With Micah by my side pushing me and sharing his wealth of knowledge I know the possibilities are endless. I have been given the gift of life and I would love for everyone to experience the same. We get one life, once chance to be the best version of ourselves. The power is within you and if you are looking for help and guidance please contact Micah, he has been a great friend, trainer and the key ingredient in my journey.